We help in the incorporation of a sole proprietorship or a partnership into a formally recognizable company. An incorporated company is a separate legal business structure from its founders. We encourage our clients, who are proprietors or partners to incorporate their proprietorship or partnership firm into a company.

Accounting & Audit

We carry out external auditing of a firm or a company’s financial records on a regular basis. The accounting of a growing enterprise tends to get complex, and we assist such enterprises in simplifying the accounting and auditing process to stay abreast with the latest financial developments in the country and thereby avoid any penalties or punishments.


Business owners and top management of companies are sometimes caught in a dilemma by the new financial reforms by the government. With our deep understanding of tax laws, we help business owners and management folk with their tax issues and make them pay applicable taxes to the Government.


We help startups, proprietorship and partnership firms in getting registered as a company with the Registrar of Companies (ROC) as per Companies Act, 2013. We also offer assistance, in other formalities like getting the Memorandum of Association and Articles of Association stamped by the authority, statutory fee payment is also taken care by us.

Payroll Management

We assist in administering the financial records of a company’s employees’ salaries, wages, bonus and deductions. Many of our clients have outsourced their payroll management to us due to our effective handling of all the intricacies associated with various payments of employees, contracted employment etc. We also help companies adhere to statutory payroll compliances.


With increasing FDI being fed into the system, it is imperative that companies adhere to various compliances that govern the land. We help the company adhere to the financial compliances like FATCA, IFRS, Clause 49 among several others. Apart from financial compliances, we guide our clients through non-financial compliances also.

Secretarial & Legal

We provide assistance in setting up the financial structure of a company, setting up the board of Directors, and assigning them their powers and duties. Other structural reforms or amendments within the company are carried out by Hiremath & Rathi Associates.

Fund Raising

We leverage our wide network for start-ups and other enterprises who are seeking fund assistance from a variety of funding sources. Our network is spread across the country and we have helped quite a few startups get connected to potential investors.

Startup Services

With our tie-up with various incubators and other start-up ecosystem builders, we provide a bouquet of services to Start-ups to encourage them to be the next Indian Unicorn. Hiremath & Rathi Associates have conducted numerous workshops with various startups making them aware of financial compliances, investment opportunities and avenues, govt financial and tax reforms, new RBI regulations for companies etc.

Other Consulting

Apart from the services mentioned by us, we engage in a variety of other services for our clients on a case on case basis.